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बचपन से लिखने का शौक हैं कभी-कभी सोचकर लिखता हूँ तो कभी-कभी सब्द खुद ही जहन में आकर लिखने को मजबूर करते हैं

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My Aim in Life

Everybody has aim in his life
anyone wants to be a Doctor in his life
someone wants to be an Engineer in his life
I mean everybody has aim in his life
and i have aim in my life also.
But we have another aim also
as I think and God has made us for that primary aim
I know that you all will want to know.
that is related to whole human community 
service is our primary aim that has been determined by God
we do,live and earn for us but this is not our primary aim
Our primary aim is to serve whole human community
remember it ,care it, think it and do it .


  1. A noble aim, Vivek. How do you propose to do it?

  2. if we do our duties and responsibilities well for our family and human community then we can do so,,,,,,,,,,