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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Nothing is Impossible

It seems nothing is impossible.
when we decide to do that at all costs.
but when we think negative before doing.
It seems very difficult to do.
Our positive thinking makes the impossible possible.
Before doing ,It seems like impossible
but when we start ,our confidence level increases
and what we want ,we get
I am therefore saying this
because i have felt it.
so do not think ,it is impossible
It is possible, when you try to do
Nothing is impossible,everything is possible,,


  1. Very true.. Even I have had experiences where our thoughts influence the outcome.. the power of mind, they say!! :)

  2. Dear Neenu

    you liked my post i felt well.
    vivek human

  3. Absolutely. I too have realized the same in my life. "Possible is Impossible and Impossible is Possible" - it depends on how you look at the task. Great. Keep going.

  4. I agree that positive thinking makes the impossible possible. Doesn’t mean it will happen necessarily, however, but you have a better chance of success if you try. A better chance at success if you think positive.